Men’s clothing with 4T3 has been made a lot easy with the help of Online shopping. 4T3 provides a very diverse and elegant stock of clothing for you to choose from, which includes a lot of styles. The following is a list of clothing types that Ignite provides in the Gents clothing sector;

A Shirt is a garment made to be worn for the upper body. It is usually made of cotton or any similar fabric. It consists of a collar and sleeves, with buttons down the front.

A sweatshirt is usually made up of thick cotton jersey and is used interchangeably with a sweater, but gives off more of a casual sense of dressing. The name is derived from sweaters as it almost addresses the same purpose but in a different style and look. The material used for a sweatshirt could be cotton or polyester, lined with fleece sometimes.

A hoodie is a sweatshirt or a jacket that consists a hood that often include a muff sewn onto the lower front.

T-Shirts are named the way they are because of the T shape that they present when spread out flat.  it is simple garment that consist short sleeves with a casual top, generally made of cotton.

Pants or trousers are lower body clothing, worn down from the waist to the ankles and hence covering the legs. There are many styles of pants to choose from with different styles and colours. Pants are usually worn for formal settings.

Jeans are also similar to pants but they are typically made from dungaree cloth, known as Denim.

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